Voiager 5

The Voiager 5 is our safest and most durable e-scooter. With circularity in mind, the V5 is made with double the amount of recycled materials, and the components are made to be easier to repair and reuse. 

Voiager 4

The V4 is our first scooter with turn indicators to ensure riders can communicate their intended manoeuvres safely and motor grade suspension making the rides smoother. It also consist of all-new IoT hardware making sure the scooter's location corresponds precisely with the app.

Voiager 3X

The Voiager 3X is the first-ever shared electric scooter with a swappable battery, thus the scooters do not need to be transported for charging making it a  significant sustainability and operational improvement. The design is customized to fit Voi users' needs, making it a top-of-the-line, high-performing, and well-designed e-scooter.



Voi Explorer 2

The Voi Explorer 2 is designed and built to last. It is produced out of recyclable, repairable and durable parts in Italy to shorten the supply chain.

Voi Explorer 1

Voi Explorer 1 is our first e-bike with an electric motor that assists the rider with pedalling, it also features a  front basket, so the rider can more easily carry their shopping and belongings on the go.

Long Term Rental

Available only in select  UK markets at present, this service enables regular riders to lease their own Voi e-scooter for a monthly fee. Long Term Rental offers riders a practical, flexible and cost-effective alternative to car usage. Riders sign up for a minimum rental period, paying on a rolling monthly basis. 

LTR riders must adhere to all the same rules of the road as shared e-scooter riders, however, they are not obliged to park in Mandatory Parking Zones, if applicable. As with all Voi scooters in the UK, the LTR e-scooter speed is capped at 12.5mph and geofencing is applicable including Slow and No Ride Zones, to ensure the LTR e-scooters can only be used within the authorised operating area. 

Riders who subscribe to this service receive a V3X e-scooter, a charger, a lock, a Voi helmet and detailed instructions on how to maintain and charge the scooter.