Vehicles and offerings

Voiager 5

The Voiager 5 is our safest and most durable e-scooter. With circularity in mind, the V5 is made with double the amount of recycled materials, and the components are made to be easier to repair and reuse. 

The V5 is designed based on our riders' feedback and built on the innovation of our previous e-scooters. Some of the new features are an updated dashboard design, a more ergonomic handlebar with auto-cancelling turn indicators and improved brakes.

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Voi Explorer 2

The Voi Explorer 2 is a e-bike built for sharing. With the help of an electric motor, up to 25 km/h, and 5-speed gears our riders will be able to travel longer distances more comfortably. Making the Voi Explorer 2 perfect for commuting. 

The Voi Explorer 2 is designed and built to last. It is produced out of recyclable, repairable and durable parts in Italy to shorten the supply chain.

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The Voiager 5 and Voi Explorer 2 are not the only vehicle we have out in the markets

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Voi passes

We offer multiple ways to access the service, from pay-as-you-go for the occasional ride, day passes for exploring the city during one day and monthly passes for affordable, frequent riding and sustainable commuting.

Pricing and available products might differ between cities.

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