By providing alternatives to cars and improving access to public transport, micromobility holds huge potential to help cities decarbonise transport and reduce their dependence on fossil fuelled vehicles. 

We map our impact on the environment and work to reduce it

As part of our environmental work, we have conducted a full mapping of our environmental impacts. We monitor and improve all significant impacts with our Environmental Management System. Our environmental impacts:

- Emissions to air.
- Energy use. 
- Water. 
- Material use. 
- Waste & Hazardous waste.  
- Chemical use. 

Read our environmental report here (PDF)

Environmental action plan

ISO 14001 certified
Our environmental action plan is governed by our ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System (EMS). Our EMS is designed and implemented to govern and continually improve our environmental performance. We are certified in Norway, France, UK, Spain and Italy, and in the process to be certified in our other markets. 

Environmental Action Plan tackles the whole lifecycle
Based on our eco-mapping and life cycle assessment, we have developed a holistic environmental action plan that tackles all environmental impacts along our services’ lifecycle. The Environmental Action Plans’ North Star is to deliver a fully circular vehicle, produced in Europe with renewable energy by 2030. 

Building circular vehicles
To improve the circularity of our vehicles, we work with a definition that researchers and experts use, for example at the Research Institute of Sweden. 

  • Product endurance.
  • Product utilisation.
  • Material recirculation.

2023 Northstar goal

Lifecycle assessment 

Voi’s lifecycle assessment, which was independently performed by EY in accordance with ISO14040 and ISO 14044 standards, has formed the basis for our sustainability strategy. It is updated for new vehicles, most recently by Electric Avenue.

Read the vehicle lifecycle assessment (PDF)
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Check out our sustainability reports

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Our vehicle engineering team works closely with our suppliers to use recycled and recyclable materials. Over 91% of the V5 is recyclable. A whole vehicle is only recycled when absolutely necessary for safety reasons. 30% of the V5’s materials are of recycled origin.  

Product Endurance

As micromobility vehicles are still quite new, their lifespan can be tricky to assess. Our later generations of vehicles have only been in use for 12-24 months and will likely last much longer. 


Vehicle utilisation

Voi consistently achieves the highest vehicle utilisation rate in the industry. This means that each vehicle that we put out on the streets, provides more rides and more mobility. Our fleet optimisation team works wonders ensuring that each vehicle placed, provides optimal value to the community.

Impact Dashboard

To nudge riders towards greener mobility habits, we partner with public transport agencies and have launched our in-app Impact Dashboard. Our Impact Dashboard is designed to show riders the impact they’re having on climate change and air pollution. On average, each kilometre travelled by a Voi rider since 1 January 2020 has reduced carbon emissions by 28 g CO2 eq. and air pollution in cities by 13 mg of PM2.5 eq. It encourages making conscious mobility choices that contribute to reducing emissions and the fight against climate change.



Our Commitments

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