Parking and safe riding

We at Voi prioritise the safety of riders, pedestrians and other road users, and in order to make sure that our service is as safe as possible we have taken several measures to ensure that we provide a safe and reliable service.


Our long term vision is that, in 10 years, parking will no longer be an actual or perceived issue for our towns and cities. We believe that parking should be tailored to different types of town and city areas and that achieving good parking is done through four key drivers.

  1. No obstruction of pathways 
  2. No clutter
  3. Vehicles should stand upright
  4. Park In designated Parking Zones

As a result of this we offer a menu of parking options to riders and cities to ensure good parking:

  1. Parking Photos and Parking Assistant
  2. Parking Zones
  3. Operational responsiveness
  4. Parking infrastructure

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How to park
Correct Parking picture

Riding under the influence

To tackle the issue of drunk riding, we developed the industry’s first reaction time test. The test activates automatically on weekend nights and encourages riders with poor test results to use safer transportation alternatives.

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illustration - Don't drink and drive

Underage riding 

We do not condone under age riding. Our riders must be at least 18 years of age to use the service, and in the U.K., our riders must hold a provisional or full driving licence. 

Helmet use

As a part of our commitment to the safety of our riders, in some cities the riders can take a selfie with a helmet on and earn loyalty points.

Twin riding

It’s forbidden for more than one person to ride per e-scooter. Doing so will affect the riders balance and the functionality of the brakes, and the riders risk seriously injuring themselves or others.

Safe riding

At Voi we always urges our riders to ride safe. As a part of educating and pushing our riders towards safer riding we have implemented functions to make it easier for riders to ride safe, these being:

  • RideLikeVoila
  • Beginners mode
  • Helmet selfie 
  • Reaction time test
  • Slow speed Zones and No riding Zones 

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