Safety is in our DNA. We prioritise the safety of riders, pedestrians and other road users.

We pledge to have the safest fleet on the streets.

To minimise the risk of accidents and increase the rider safety, Voi has adopted a cross-departmental approach to optimise rider compliance, underpinned by technological innovation and focused on education, operations and strategy.

- Voi prioritises rider education as a primary tool to ensure safe riding behaviour by all riders.
- We teach our riders safe riding through our traffic school RideLikeVoila
- Giving away more than 50,000 free helmets at safety pop-up events.
- Voi's onboarding includes an overview of local rules, instructions on how to safely use our vehicles, how to park correctly, and how to prevent inhibiting accessibility for pedestrians

- Voi’s ‘parking strategy leverages proactive and reactive measures to ensure compliant parking and the orderly management of public spaces.
- Investing in the latest technology to ensures we have the safest scooters in the market

- We have developed and implemented safety solutions through Voi's market-leading geo-positioning accuracy, which ensures for instance precise enforcement of geofenced zones, such as Slow Speed Zones (SSZ).
- All areas outside the authorised operational zone are designated as No Riding Zone (NRZ), where riders are unable to rent or transport Voi’s vehicles, enforced by brakes which automatically lock once parked, and the weight of the vehicles.

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It's our job to educate riders about safe road behaviour. That's why we developed the industry’s first digital traffic school for e-scooters, RideLikeVoila.

Enter RideLikeVoila

Parking & safe riding

Read more about what Voi is doing to ensure good parking and safe riding behaviour. 

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