Electric tuktuk trial to make servicing Voi scooters even greener

Bristol, Tuesday 31 January 2023: Shared e-scooter company Voi has just started a four-month trial of an electric zero emissions tuk-tuk to be used to travel around Bristol to carry out service tasks like swapping batteries and maintenance.

Voi, Europe’s leading micromobility provider, is teaming up with Biliti Electric, an electric manufacturing company, to become the first e-scooter UK company to trial an all-electric tuk-tuk as part of its commitment to offering a carbon-neutral mobility service.

The three-wheeled, open-cabin, and all-electric zero-emission ‘tuk-tuk’ vehicle - known as the Biliti Taskman EV - will soon become a regular sight on the streets of the city centre.

The four-month trial will see the vehicle integrated into Voi’s warehouse vehicle fleet to support on-street maintenance within the city’s new Clean Air Zone which includes over 130 conveniently located e-scooter parking spots.

Since launching in 2020, riders in Bristol have completed nearly 8 million journeys — the equivalent of replacing over 2.8 million car trips — to make it one the largest e-scooter schemes in the UK and one of the most popular in Europe. 

Powered by swappable electric batteries, the modest maximum speed of just 25 mph and maximum range of 110 miles, as well as its small design and comfortable ride, means the Taskman is perfect for navigating around the city and tackling Bristol’s cobbled roads.

Biliti Electric is one of the fastest-growing global mobility companies and is focused on delivering its mission of introducing smart, efficient, and affordable electric mobility solutions to businesses, such as for major companies like Ikea, Walmart, FedEx and Amazon.

Saving ten times the carbon emission of a traditional diesel engine van doing the same job, the partnership is also an important part of Voi’s commitment to offering a carbon-neutral mobility service that champions its vision of cities made for living by helping cities transition to a future free of noise and pollution.

Emma Hughes, Partnerships Manager, UK & Ireland at Voi, said:

“We’re delighted to be the first e-scooter company to partner with Biliti  Electric as it recognises both companies' industry-leading vision of creating cities free of pollution and congestion.

“While this is an unusual sight on the streets of the UK, we will be putting the Biliti Taskman ‘tuk-tuk’ through its paces as part of our commitment to continually innovating and finding new solutions to improve our service without harming the environment.

“The people of Bristol should also keep a close eye out for Voi’s new tuk-tuk as there is a special offer advertised on its back to encourage more people to hop on, go green and travel coral with Voi..”

Rajarshi Rakesh Sahai, CEO, EMEA at Biliti Electric, said:

“We are glad to be partnering with VoI in electrifying their operation fleets. 

Our mission in Europe is to help companies like VoI in mitigating their emissions, with our clean and green ‘L2 Electric’ vehicles that lend themselves perfectly to the varying operational tasks, branding, and community engagement. 

Biliti Electric’s solutions provide unmatched manoeuvrability, cost and CO2 efficiency, and durability as a true replacement to ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)  vehicles”


Notes to editors

  • More information about Biliti Electric can be found here: https://bilitielectric.com/
  • Voi’s commitment to sustainability and delivering a zero-emissions service: https://www.voi.com/sustainability/
  • Voi operates in 14 towns and cities across the UK including Bristol, Liverpool, Birmingham, Oxford, and Cambridge
  • Voi topped a record 21 million rides since launching its UK service in 2020, with nearly 8 million rides in Bristol in 2022 (Jan 2023)
  • Average Carbon emissions from a Biliti Taskman EV is 0.4 Kg, compared to 10.9 Kg from a diesel van charged from the UK electricity grid

Juliette Maxam

Senior PR manager, Voi UK and Ireland

[email protected]

+44 07966 370151

About Voi 

Founded in 2018, Voi is a Swedish micromobility company offering e-scooter and e-bike sharing in partnership with towns, cities and local communities. We believe e-scooters can play a central role in changing how people move in our towns and cities in the future. We want to ensure that the micromobility transformation happens the right way - through real innovative technology, open and transparent dialogue with towns, cities and governments and by adapting our products to local needs. Voi’s holistic Environmental Action Plan tackles emissions and promotes renewable energy use and circularity along its supply chain. 

Voi operates in over 100 towns and cities across 11 countries. It is headquartered in Stockholm and employs 1,000 people. To date, Voi boasts more than seven million riders and has served more than 125+ million rides.