Voi History


  • Founded by Fredrik Hjelm, Adam Jafer, Filip Lindvall and Douglas Stark in Stockholm.
  • First scooters hit the streets of Stockholm. 
  • Voi launched in Spain which was the start of the greater European expansion.


  • Voi launched e-scooters in over 40 European towns and cities.
  • Reached the first million rides across all markets.
  • Voiager 1 got a Vehicle Type Approval in Germany, being the first e-scooter ever to receive one.
  • Voi created the first free online traffic school for e-scooters - RideLikeVoila. To date the school has trained around half a million riders.
  • By the end of 2019, Voi introduced swappable batteries across all our vehicles. Therefore the scooters do not need to be transported for charging, thus helping to reduce both energy consumption and operational emissions.


  • Voi achieved carbon neutrality.
  • Released the first ever Life Cycle Assessment for shared e-scooters together with EY. 
  • Launched new in-app features:
    • Beginner’s mode - capping the scooter at a lower speed for the first 10 rides. 
    • Reaction Test - At night, during weekends, the riders are forced to test their ability to ride our vehicles safely, in case they may have consumed alcohol or drugs. If they don’t pass the test they are advised to seek out other means of transportation. 
    • Helmet Selfie- To promote helmet use, riders taking a selfie of themselves wearing a helmet are rewarded with a discounted trip.
    • Voi launched Monthly Passes, providing a subscription based price model.
    • Voi-4-All subsidised Monthly Pass for low-income groups.
    • Voi 4 heroes which enables NHS and emergency service workers to subscribe to our Monthly Pass at a discounted price (UK only).


  • Voi became multimodal after launching our first e-bikes in Cambridge, Kettering and Peterborough in the UK.
  • We launched the Voiager 4, with many new features such as turn indicators and new IoT for better geo-targeting.
  • Voi won the first re-tender of a major city - Marseille.
  • End of 2021 Voi launched the “Impact Dashboard'' which calculates the harmful emissions that have been avoided by riding with Voi, so riders can understand their impact.

Voi Impact Dashboard


  • Reached a huge milestone with 100 million rides.
  • This spring we won the Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen and Kristiansand tenders in Norway.  
  • Launched in app parking navigator in some markets. 
  • Introduced new vehicle, Voiager 5, our safest and most durable e-scooter to date.
  • Voi launched the Let's get it right safety campaign, which later in the year won the Swedish Design award in the category film/animation.
  • Launched our 100th city.