Riders, cities and towns

At Voi, we see our riders as well as the towns and cities that we operate in as our key customers. This approach has made Voi a trusted partner for city stakeholders, which has been a key factor to Voi becoming a market leader in regulated markets.


Since day one, Voi offers its service to more than seven million riders across our markets. During 2021, Voi had, on average, more than 720.000 active riders per month, with a great demographic spread.

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Voi Stockholm V5 back side

Cities and towns

In collaboration with cities and towns we developed a 4-pillar strategy:  

  • Sustainability
  • Parking
  • Safety
  • Trust

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We help reduce car usage

Today, 36% of our riders have reported that they have fully or drastically reduced their car usage thanks to e-scooters. According to our latest global user survey.

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